Dara Donofrio becomes Mrs. Briggs

Dara and I became friends In Palm Beach Gardens, Fl, when we met through both being employees at Nordstrom. Little did we know that I would get to be a part of her getting married in Jupiter.

I was in the cosmetics department working for Dior, and she was in women’s clothing department, when we became friends.

It had been about 6 years since I saw Dara. Me love you long time! She is one of the most beautiful, smart, and funny ladies I have met.

I am so glad she gave me the privilege of making her feel her most gorgeous on such a significant day in her life. I got to meet her family and bridesmaids while getting ready at The Jupiter Beach Resort.

They were all so beautiful and fun!

I remember the most emotional moment that I experienced was when her father saw his beautiful daughter that day. That feeling never gets old.

I just remember exceptionally well with Dara’s wedding. It was an emotional moment.

You could see how much her fathers loves her, and that is special and always will be.

Beauty On Location

I was so happy when I learned where we would be getting ready.

A location like Jupiter Beach Resort to get ready is very hard to top.  The products and tools and the hands behind them ultimately aren’t the only things that matter in getting ready.

We, being beauty professionals, are very grateful for space, mirrors, lighting, and outlets which was provided by Dara at Jupiter Beach Resort.

I even always carry a Riki Skinny mirror which is a blue tooth ring lighting mirror, that’s adjustable and you can use holding its self up on its stand on a desk.

It also has a selfie camera built into it and sends the photos to your phone through the blue tooth. It was such a good purchase as a professional stylist often going on location.

It makes such an astonishing difference in taking photos of your professional makeup application. 5 levels of brightness with advanced LED lighting.

It also comes with a magnifying mirror. Now makeup application is doable anywhere.

I got spoiled by this light so I bought a full size Neewer brand ring lights as well. I’ll list links below.

Products Used

I used MAC Face and Body foundation, a neutral smoky eye with Ardell lashes, glowing cheeks with Chanel Soleil De Tan, and a soft pink Chanel lip gloss which she bought and touched up.

A great tip! Get the matching lip color that you used from your trial and have a bridesmaid hold onto it for you to touch up. You wont regret perfect pictures.

For Dara’s hair, she wanted a half up and half down classic, soft hairstyle that when she looks back on photos, it will always be beautiful.

The bridesmaids decided to go with a blowout and wear their hair down. They all represented classic, soft, romantic beauty. At the right time of year with the right weather, blowouts can be done on a wedding day.

Take a look at the gorgeous photographs taken by Munoz Photography below!

Congratulations, Dara, to marrying the man of your dreams! Lucky Beau! You make a beautiful married couple!

brides father

Munoz Photography

Katie McCaskill Beauty On Location

Neewer Ring Light

Jupiter Beach Resort

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror

Dara Donofrio

March 25, 2018