Austin and Melissa


Austin and Melissa from Jessica Overholt on Vimeo.

Austin and Melissa, what a beautiful couple. When I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa, I had her come to her bridal hair & makeup trial at Cat Pennenga’s photography studio, where I do my bridal trials.

She was such a sweetie and so gorgeous! Melissa was in love, and there is nothing more beautiful.

A bohemian bride

Melissa is a professional contemporary dancer. I love being a part of another artists wedding. She wanted a bohemian updo and a soft natural look! She came to the right stylist!

As a makeup artist and hair stylist, I more than likely don’t meet the future brides companion. I could tell by a beautiful feeling, that Austin and Melissa were destined.

Husband and wife

Melissa had beautiful blonde hair, perfect for an updo! When you look at Melissa’s hairstyle, it doesn’t seem like it could be called an “updo”. BUT, because every peice of hair, except for the hair just around the face, is pulled back and put away, it is in fact an updo!

What makes it a bohemian updo is that it’s soft, romantic, and has a braid. Most bohemian updo styles involve some sort of braid.


I used MAC Face and Body Foundation for her. She has such gorgeous skin and didn’t need a significant amount of makeup coverage.

We went with a soft smokey eye, and pretty demi wispie lashes! Those false eyelashes are perfect for professional wedding photos and giving that extra oomph!

I also added babies breath details to her hair because adding little extras like that draw just enough attention to the hairstyle! Her family and friends were an absolute pleasure! Take a look at the photos and don’t forget to watch the video. It melts my heart every time!

I was so happy to be able to work with such talented wedding vendors at such a beautiful venue. This wedding was my first wedding at The Founders Club. It was a fabulous venue. They had the perfect space for a large party to get ready. I always appreciate space to work quickly and freely!

Katelyn Prisco Photography has given me images I will never be able to to stop staring at!

Jennifer Matteo Event Planning has a special way of pulling together excellent vendors with so much talent! Her weddings are always new and creative!

Don’t leave this post without watching the video from Jessica Overholt!

Bridal Hair Sarasota

Austin and Melissa

February 7, 2018