Mad Men Photoshoot

The Three Amigos Working This Shoot

Myself and Joslyn, and Michael  from Little Skull Photography #warmandfuzzy

If you’ve read my blog before, you know we like to work together! They called me in March when we first started working together, and they asked if I could do vintage hair and makeup. We hadn’t done that look yet. Or I hadn’t done that look yet with them.

This was the whole reason I had reached out to them on Instagram wanting to network.


Holly was gorgeous and so nice.

What Holly wanted for her shoot

I am not generally a part of the whole process when a client wants to do a styled shoot. I always get the heads up on what the client will want, and whether or not I can achieve the vision that they have. But I don’t correspond with them about what they want to wear etc. So I don’t get to see these gorgeous and well thought out ensembles until the day of the shoot. Holly and Joslyn worked with Canned Ham Vintage, a local vintage shop in Sarasota. She got clothing there and also did a styles shoot inside the shop as well for one of her looks. She wanted that Mad Men inspiration!

I’m in

Mad Men inspired hair and makeup


So I set the hair in a classic set. All hair away from the face. While the hair was setting, I did her makeup softly, because the first look was going to be a Mad Men inspired office setup at Canned Ham Vintage. We weren’t going too dramatic YET.

MAC Face and Body

MAC Lingering Brow Pencil

Tarte eyeshadow palette of warm tones

MAC Blacktrack gel eyeliner

MAC Magic Spell lipstick

After the makeup, I let down her hair, gave it a good brush out and because this was a show based in the 1960’s, there was a lot of volume in the hairstyles. I gave to top half of the hair a good back comb and pinned it back, and flipped the bottom out.

Mike gave her some good tips on channeling Peggy Olson while we were at Canned Ham.

Behind the scenes footage! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW




We went to The Starlite Room for the second shoot. I really liked this place. It has a perfect retro vibe for this look. She put on her beautiful evening gown and jewelry just like Peggy would, and channeled her beauty and confidence.

Hair and Makeup Change

For this I took the bottom half of the hairstyle, gave it some curl, and put it into an updo that she wanted. For makeup I just added some smokiness, extra blush, and red lipstick! Perfect!

I’m so glad you asked me to do this shoot with you guys! Thanks Little Skull !


Mad Men Inspiration

February 2, 2018