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Hello love! I'm Katie McCaskill, and I'm a dually licensed makeup artist and hairstylist, with EXTENSIVE training in both fields of beauty.

I am also a SUPER DOG MOM to my Cavalier King Charles, Winston.

My. constant desire to learn more and more about what I love to do, separates me from other artists. 

I have invested hundreds of hours of EXTENDED education in terms of bridal hairstyling.

From going to other states to take top mentors classes, and online styling courses, I've followed my passion to keep improving and providing the most up to date techniques and styles for my clients!

Born in Tallahassee, and growing up in Orlando, I began learning and loving makeup first.

As a long time, live stage performing ballerina, I learned the importance of how to apply makeup!

That love of being on stage and appreciating the arts and the makeup behind it, blossomed into a long career for me as a makeup artist. On top of all that, I'm not bad at painting and digital illustration!

Working for companies like CHANEL, DIOR, and ultimately MAC, I had to opportunity of constant hands-on education and growth, and hundreds of faces to practice on! I decided I didn't want to stop at makeup, but also understand the beauty of hair.

I got my license in cosmetology and began to fulfill my goals of creating the entire "look". I fell in love with styling the hair after working at a blow dry bar in Sarasota.

Learning blowouts, updos, and current braided styles gave me a wonderful reputation for the one to "go to" for weddings, galas, photoshoots, etc.

My main focus now i bridal hairstyling, but I still will offer makeup for photoshoots, private clients, events and galas.

I am now living on the east coast in Juno Beach, which is in between Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, not far from Palm Beach!

I have a strong hair and makeup team ready to come on location to take care of your special day! Go out with confidence that you will looking and feeling fabulous throughout the entire day/night! 

Why choose us for your wedding day?

When your wedding day begins, the first vendors that arrive are the hairstylists and makeup artists! It's so important that your experience goes smoothly and you rely on your hairstylists/makeup artists to make that happen.

I suggest hiring your artist very early in your wedding planning. We play a very important role in bringing our brides confidence and certainty that they know the very vision that they had in mind, is able to come to life.

It's not just about us showing up. It's all the time from our first talk of inspiration and all the things I help you with in between!

At anytime, brides can contact me with ANY questions that they have about hair and makeup. For example, where should you get your extensions? Should I come with clean hair? Where should I go to get my color done so that it looks like the inspiration photo? 

All of these questions you may have, I am here to guide you and make sure we have ongoing communication before the wedding! That way, your day can go smoothly and you wont have any unnecessary stress!

Your wedding photos last a lifetime, and closeups are going to be what you look back on the most!

Hire a professional to make sure that your pictures are perfect, and you look back and have no regrets!

Take a look at what my clients have said about their experience!

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