Veronica and her kero Kurt
Veronica and Her Hero, Kurt
Florals by Designs by Christine Coffey
Photographer and Videographer by George Street Photo & Video

Behind the Brides Eyes

Her Inspiring Story

“So it all started when I saw a picture of Kurt pop up on Facebook. I had no idea who he was, but I saw that we had friends in common and I found him very attractive. So of course I took a snapshot of his picture and sent it to my friend, whose husband is in the Air Force, and asked who he was.

She replied back saying it’s one of their Air Force friends and they love him and wanted to introduce me to him when I went to visit them in England the next month.

I was not opposed, so they set it up so that the four of us could all hang out, but they decided not to tell him it was a double date and just told him to come hang out with them.

So he shows up in oversized sweats, says hi to me, but doesn’t really talk to me because he didn’t realize he was supposed to lol. The night goes on and we go out to a pub and he’s sitting all the way at the end of the other room, still not saying anything, so I figure it’s not in the cards for us.

To my surprise though, the next day I get a message from him and we start talking. So much that we decide to keep talking during my one month excursion around Italy.

By the end of the trip we had talked so much and gotten so close, we knew we wanted to be with each other. I came back to England and he asked me to be his girlfriend a few days later.

Then the reality set in and we both realized we would be doing long distance for a while, especially because he was set to deploy for 6 months. Everyone always asks me why I do it? Why I choose to go through all that pain and long distance?

The answer is I didn’t choose that life, but I chose him, and I will continue to choose him every single day. This Air Force life is not easy.

But it makes you stronger, more in love and you learn to appreciate all the moments you do have together. I could not be more proud of him and what he does for this country.

I thankfully was able to move to England for a year once he came back from his deployment. He proposed on Christmas Eve and we just moved back to the US, got married in September and now have a beautiful family together with our puppy Beau in North Carolina.

It’s not a normal life we have, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!”


How Hair and Makeup of The Palm Beaches Came to Know Veronica

Katie McCaskill- Owner of Hair and Makeup of The Palm Beaches

I first had the pleasure of hearing from Veronica on August 3rd. I had previously spoken to her sister, Carolina, not long before about doing the hair for the wedding.

She was looking for help for their wedding. Another stylist, family, was previously booked to do hair and makeup just for the bride. Of course I wanted to be a part of this young woman’s wedding! An absolute beauty and sweetheart!

Soon before the wedding, the other artist wasn’t able to do Veronica’s makeup and hair, so I was glad to come to the rescue! I usually don’t do a wedding without doing a trial on the bride, but this was a special situation.

About Hair and Makeup

We decided to do a soft, textured updo, placed low between the neck and shoulders. Gotta be honest, it came out absolutely perfect! She rocked that style with beauty and grace! I curled the hair, created a base, and added texture slowly, peice by peice.

Around the face, I set the hairline by setting the hair with pins. As you can see in photos, her hair stays in place!

We went with soft makeup, and we were almost done when mom came up with a tip, knowing the bride the best of all of us! She suggested having the darker shadow on the upper eyelid slant a little higher than I had it.

Mother of The Bride

Perfection! Thanks mom! I always appreciate a little feedback. Sometimes as artists, we may encounter a blind spot!

The Queen and her Boss Babes!

The Queen Surrounded by Her Boss Babes

Her bridal party was so much fun! I’m super excited to get the video of her and her bridal party getting ready and what happened after! They were a lot of laughs!

Their styles were all about my favorite looks, textured styling, and sexy makeup. The team I had with me made all the difference. My assist Gina and I blew through hair like what! We were able to add extra people to the list and finish on time! Yaaas!

I had my makeup artists, Michelle and Nika, taking care of all the makeup besides the bride! Nice work ladies!

More Pictures of Veronica’s Wedding

Decadent Cake

Johnson’s Custom Cakes

Fabulous Florals

Designs by Christine Coffey

The Bridal Party

George Street Photo and Video
Dress by Essense of Australia

A List of Talented Vendors

Veronica and Kurt- Air Force Romance

November 12, 2019