A successful hair and makeup bridal trial requires thought
To all my future clients, please take these bridal trial tips and make them yours!

Through lots of experience with my past brides, I’ve learned so much about this important step of a bridal trial in creating the look that you envision for your wedding day.

#1 Book a date for the bridal trial allowing enough time to try everything you had in mind.

This is our time to communicate! If we are doing a bridal trial for both hair and makeup, clear 4 hours in that day. Let’s get it right! Beauty is such a huge part of your wedding day. And it’s the first thing you’re having done on the wedding day. Make or break. Let’s make it perfect!

Having a trial will speed up the process for the actual wedding date. PRIMETIME: 3 months before your wedding!

#2 Book a date for the bridal trial allowing enough time for you to change your mind on the style.

That feeling that you’ve run out of time and you have to settle is never good. I’m happy to have a second trial with you!

#3 Make your bridal trial ABOUT YOU.

This is your time to think about looking back at your beautiful photos and feeling like you did what you wanted and not what someone else wanted.

#4 Send inspiration photos to myself and pictures of your hair so I can recommend anything you need to bring so we can get you there! 

This may be things like human hair clip in extensions.  If you want your hair to stand out and have dimension, consider the color of the extensions you buy.

You might not want to have the color of your extensions match identically.  I’d advise going lighter or darker but staying in the range of warm or cool as the color that you’ll have on your wedding day.

If it’s a destination wedding, have your hair stylist at home trim the extensions or color them so that they blend with your hair.  For half-up half-down or altogether down hairstyles, extensions are key. The extensions do so much for volume and longevity, not just length.

If you want to go all out on inspo- share your moodboard with me and we can build a beauty one together!

Side note-

#1 Recommendation in extension brands is Bellami Silk Seam Extensions!

Wear extensions if you are wearing an all down style, or half-up half-down style!

It’s imperative for volume and a lasting style that goes all night!

Once you receive them and you’ve found the right match, gently shampoo them with sulfate free shampoo, and a light conditioner before your trial. Follow up by blow drying. Avoid combing them when wet.

Also, think about how you want the front of your style to look. Do you want soft face framing pieces for your style? Having some layers in your haircut around the face, helps to hold those soft waves in place.

# 5 Wear Sunscreen

Protect your skin!

#6 We want you to be comfortable and say what you are thinking.

You won’t hurt our feelings. We just want you to have what you want to the best of our ability! We will be spending significant time together on the big day. Let’s get comfortable during your bridal trial and have fun!

#7 Come with clean, smooth, dry hair.

This goes for the big day too! After lightly conditioning your hair, blow dry it smooth. Other than the blow dryer, stay away from straightening irons and hot tools.

Also, let anyone else know who is getting their hair done. Coming with dirty hair is out! Now we as professionals have products available to get your hair to the texture needed to achieve the ideal style.

Everyone’s hair is different and needs different product, and once it’s over a day old we can’t go back. Dry shampoo can’t always save the day!

#8 Please come with clean, exfoliated skin, and something white or similar to the color and neckline of your dress.

Skip the gym clothes! Your wedding will be a formal event, and you will feel overdone if you come in too underdressed.

#9 Once we find a lip color, its’s best to go and buy it to touch up! Lots of eating and drinking happen on that big day! If you have a preference, bring it to the bridal trial! 

#10 One thing more! HAIR ACCESSORIES! Even a simple classic style can be elevated by a detailed veil, bow, or pearls!

And of course, there are tons and tons of beautiful combs, pins, and pearls! Sparkle and shine! You can also bring your veil!

I hope these tips help get you in the mindset that you need to be to be the most prepared you can be for that successful bridal trial. Looking forward to meeting you! 

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Bridal Trial 10 Tips

April 28, 2018

Hair and Makeup Wedding Trial