Wedding of Matt and Brian at The Powel Crosley Estate


This vintage themed wedding was an absolute fairy tale! A friend of mine, who is also a very talented hair stylist, Caryn Rose, asked me to work with her at The Powel Crosley Estate on this beautiful group of gorgeous! I said YES!

This was my first wedding at Powel Crosley Estate, and the venue is like no other. Matt described the The Powel Crosley Estate perfectly as a beautiful “collaboration of old meets new in a fascinating medley.” This vintage themed wedding was just that!

After working on their vintage themed wedding, I couldn’t agree more with Matt’s description of he and Brian’s wedding. They were some of the nicest, classiest men that I’ve met in Sarasota. And they are both so talented in film! Which is how they were introduced to each other. When I asked Matt to tell me more about themselves, he gave me such a beautiful description that I can’t help but directly quote!

The story of Brian and Matt

“Katie! Of course, thanks so much for thinking of us! You were incredible. We actually met working on a film for Planned Parenthood and the rest was history. We caught eyes and ever since have been inseperable.

As for the wedding, we fully embraced the idea of making it a complete spectacle ( with the help of amazing artists fuch as yourself), starting with our wedding party appearing in gold nude illusion gowns for the ceremony, all the way to local drag performer Beneva Fruitville emceeing the reception,

We also embraced local talented performing special spotlight performances throughout the evening. Among the performers were Miranda Wolf, Ashley Figlow, and Lauren Nielsen. We wanted to be as authentic to ourselves as possible, and not do anything that didn’t make complete sense to us.

Our celebrate, Zara Barrie, understood us completely and exactly what we wanted from our simple and joyous ceremony.

A memorable moment for me is our wedding party chaning from their nude illusion looks, into full length sequin gowns that colors were assigned to them by us as a reference to the color we associate with them.

The Historic Powel Crosley Estate was the absolute perfect venue for what we wanted. We wanted a collaboration of old meets new in a fascinating medley. We loved encouraging our guests to embrace the 1920’s heritage of The Powel Crosley Estate with their attire, and it made for a magical and timeless evening.”


A little about the look we did on this modern vintage themed wedding


Beautiful! Thank you Matt! When Caryn and I arrived, we were put at ease because there was a definite theme that the ladies wanted. They were going for a down-do of a fishtail braid going in the direction of the side that they would be standing during the ceremony. I love the thought that they put into the beauty aspect of the ceremony.

In addition to the fishtail braids were twists in the back, and soft curls to frame their faces. All together it was a beautiful textured down-do perfectly complimenting their two looks! And oh my goodness! Let’s not forget those stunning crowns that no bridesmaids I’ve done have worn.


Some of the ladies had extensions so that they could all be in sync with their hairstyle. Clever! We did a soft blow dry after adding some of Bumble and Bumble’s tonic to even and smooth the hair, and followed with curls to put texture into the style. As I put heat through the curls, I used Bumble and Bumble’s working spray. It is my favorite product for styling hair.

I pinned twists and transitioned the texture into the fishtail braid but left room around the face for the romantic waves. Please enjoy the photos below!

Glorious photography

I can’t go on without giving shout outs to the photographers, Jessica Barfield. She killed it in capturing just the vibe that the gentlemen wanted in vintage meets modern! Unforgettable photos that glisten and make you feel like you’re at the wedding!

It really makes you feel like you could touch the gorgeous setup from So Staged! That velvet couch though!

I wish I could’ve been there to play at The Fancy Booth! Every time I go to events that use Cat Pennenga’s Fancy Booth, it’s like it’s own separate party, and you get fast return on your quirky, fun photos that bring the originality of her style and the events style! Straight to the booth when it’s time to party!

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Vendors that made this wedding happen:

Powel Crosley Estate

Catering: Cater Fete Sarasota

DJ: Goodley Entertainment Group

Furniture: So Staged

Photobooth: The Fancy Booth

Draping/Lighting: Palacious Events

Photographers: Jessica Barfield

Hair: Katie McCaskill Beauty On Location, Caryn Rose

Makeup: Dream Team Artistry

Officiant: Zara Barrie

Emcee: Beneva Fruitville

Day of Planner: Sarah Fulton

Technical Director: Jasmine Deal


Vintage Themed Wedding

May 27, 2018