Red Mesa Styleshoot

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Red Mesa Linens

Working with Wedding Professionals

I was asked by Jennifer Matteo Event Planning to coordinate with Salvador Photography and herself, to do hair and makeup for her model, Sheena. I knew Sheena! She is a gorgeous , smart young woman with a lot of drive. It was Beauty at Red Mesa Cantina!

I was excited because I LOVE style shoots and working with wedding professionals all around. The photoshoot was to take place at beautiful venue, Red Mesa Cantina. I love new venues!

As a wedding professional, I want to have photos at as many beautiful venues as I can! I want variety!

Sheena’s Hairstyle

Red Mesa Velvet Chairs

When Sheena came to my house, we decided to do a soft, wavy hairstyle, half up and half down. She has such gorgeous hair!

Products I Used

  • Bumble and Bumble Tonic

She came over with clean, dry hair. I sprayed Bumble and Bumble Tonic , evenly distributing the product throughout the hair. I then began blow drying the hair with a round brush, in sections, for volume and smoothness.

  • Bumble and Bumble Does It All Hairspray

I went back through the hair in sections and sprayed the Bumble and Bumble Does It All Hairspray before and after using my styling tool. You can read my review on the Does It All Hairspray. Absolute favorite.

  • Paul Mitchell Hair Wand

As I sectioned out the hair in small sections, after, I would use the hairspray on each piece of hair and work the wand in a horizontal motion, leaving the ends out. I didn’t start using the wand in a vertical motion until the top of the hair and around the face.

Half Up Half Down

I section out the front of the hair from ear to ear. I took small sections on the top and lightly teased then and pinned them down.

With hair in front of her ears, I did twists and pulls and pinned her hair towards the back to frame her face. I left a couple pieces out softly in the very front.

Again I sprayed with Bumble and Bumble Does It All Hairspray.

Eye Makeup for Mesa

I always start with the eyes first. Sheena has beautiful eyes and a nice shape. They leave plenty of room for color on her eyes.

Red Mesa Wedding

Yay! I always start with a primer.

  • Painterly from MAC

Set with skin tone eyeshadow

  • Brule from MAC

Used a transition color

  • Kid from MAC

Went a little more towards the crease

  • Burnt Orange from Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Blended lower towards the crease with a deeper warm shade

  • Sienna from Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Same technique but in the deepest part of the outer corner of the crease and a little underneath the outside of the eyes

  • Cypress Umber from Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Popped the center and inner corner of the eyes with a bright color

  • Tempera from Anastasia Soft Glam Palette

Lined the eyes in a wing with an eyeliner brush

  • Gel Eyeliner from MAC Blacktrack

Applied Lashes

  • Ardell Demi Wispies

Blended fake lashes and real lashes with waterproof mascara


Face Makeup

Sheena has a flawless skin tone with no discoloration. Easy!

Red Mesa Dining

I frist cleaned up and fallen eyeshadow from the eyes

  • MAC Makeup Wipes

Applied concealer.

  • MAC Longwear Concealer NW20

Applied foundation

  • Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Camera Ready Makeup

Read more about the Jennifer Bradley Foundation.

Set foundation

  • MAC Careblend Powder

Soft contour

  • MAC Gingerly


  • MAC Peach (forgot the actual name) :/


  • MAC Hyper Real Glow

Sheena’s Lips

Sheena has such beautiful full lips! Let’s show them off!

Red Mesa Velvet couches


Started with the lipliner

  • MAC Half-Red

Used a velvetine lip color

  • Lime Crime Velvetine Polly

Topped with a lip gloss

  • MAC Prrrr



Thank you Jennifer Matteo Event Planning for involving me! Proud to be recognized by Marry Me Tampa Bay!

Marry Me Tampa Bay


Photographer- Salvador Photography @salvadorroblesphoto

Venue- Red Mesa Events @redmesaevents

Planner- Jennifer Matteo Event Planning @jennifermatteoeventplanning

Furniture Rentals- So Staged @sostaged

Florals- Victoria Blooms SRQ @victoriabloomssrq




Red Mesa Beauty

July 30, 2018

Sheena Red Mesa