My Braid Bar to Another Level

In a previous post, I talked about how I go into a big nail salon to do my braid bars. Just to refresh your mind, a braid bar is where I go on location to do a several bohemian styles of braids.

If you don’t know what “boho” means, it’s short for bohemian. This is a free and flowing style, from clothing, furniture, to the way of life. I would say it’s a more modern hippy. It’s inspired by the 1960’s and 1970’s.

These style braids are a particular skill set that not all stylists have. Being that I focus of styling hair and makeup, I’ve had a lot of clients, for example bridesmaids, that request an updo with a little braiding in there.

After lots of practice, I’ve gotten much better and offer styles that other people can’t do. I really started enjoying it because it doesn’t take long, and from little girls to grown women, we all love braids!

I absolutely love to do birthday parties and bridesmaids parties! Please call to book! 

Something new that I’d like to do, is offer lessons to mothers so they can do these braids for their girls. There hair can be cute and out of there face! Think ballerinas, gymnasts, and any other sport or occasion.

This can be a really special time for mothers and their daughters. Everyone is looking for something new to do with their kids!

What a Braid Bar Class Will Look like

The classes will be relatively small so that each person will get some individualized needs met. Total of 5 parents and their child.

I will bring a model and also step in for you to show placement of fingers and direction of the body.

The classes will start with 3 level 1 braids. There’s going to be a beginner, intermediate, and advanced class.

I can come to someone’s house, or we can do classes at a country club etc.

I will provide a set of tools for you such as rubber bands and pins and a hair accessory, but I ask that the parents bring product that works for their child’s hair.

If the party wants to bring anything extra like food or drink, you are welcome to!

What You Will Leave With

  • Understanding how to use product
  • French braid, dutch braid, fishtail braid
  • Big smiles on your daughters faces and new useful knowledge!
  • Ready for level 2!


Boho Braid Bar

September 26, 2018