Vintage Style shoot with textured braids

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with these images in the vintage bridal photo shoot. For quite a while, Jessica from Everence Photography and I have wanted to get creative¬† and work together for a styleshoot. Finally! Jessica has not only a photography business, but a vintage clothing business as well, The Kissing Tree! Obsessed!

She was a fan of the braids that I rock and it’s hard not to be a fan of her creative photography, myself. I also couldn’t contain myself but to ask Priscilla with The Reserve Vintage Rentals if we could amp up the vintage bridal photo shoot with a peacock chair I had been eyeing with envy from her furniture collection. Those beauties never get old!

Furniture and Florists

On top of the furniture, we felt like a beautiful mind of floral creativity from Oh Darling Events would significantly top off this style shoot. I felt so blessed for these people that I admire so much in this business and just as great personalities in general, to be a part of a vision that myself and Jessica had been looking forward to collaborating, creatively.

The Reserve Vintage Rentals, Priscilla, is one of the first people in Sarasota that believed in me as a hair stylist and makeup artist to work independently. In the past, I’ve always worked for a brand and hoped to someday be driven to express myself in a personal way, professionally. This past year has been the change that I have been hoping for.

Thank you, Kristen, for being a part of this style shoot as well. You are such a talented floral genius and I am so grateful for our relationship! How do you do it?! A vintage bridal photo shoot is a beautiful display.

By the way, Monique, your modeling and perfectly suited Celery Field and vintage ambiance is forever portrayed in these photos. Thank you! It was a windy but blessed day, but the flower bouquet and hair piece stood out in every way and more that we planned for. And then some!

Paint Nail Bar lent us some beautiful jewelry that I couldn’t have matched. Everything about Paint Nail Bar is a yummy feeling. The owner, Michelle, makes everyone who comes close to her smile do the same! It’s that good vibe! I’ve been lucky to come into Paint and get my hands in the classy clients hair to make beautiful braids and quick bohemian updos. Smiling for myself and the clients, endlessly. These braids have made their way to Bumble and Bumble’s website and Instagram! Not bad!

Thank you ladies for getting in on this styles shoot!

Vintage Bridal Photo shoot

March 24, 2018