Personal Review of Elier Skincare

Hey ladies! The Elier Skincare line includes the Elier High Organic Moor Mask, the Timeless Instant Eye and Facelift Cream and the Elier ActivLift Serum, and I’m here to tell you about my experience with this line!

It all got started when I was searching for a simple mud mask. I was seeing a lot of videos of the same old stuff on Youtube, but this one caught my eye (in my sister’s closet).

You’ve most likely heard of the Elevacity Smart Coffee for weight loss (aka Happy Coffee), however the Elevacity Skincare line is actually pretty awesome as well and they have a wide array of products!

Elevacity is a new health care company offering nootropic health supplements as well as a few select personal care items. I’m pretty stoked about the products I’ve tried so far and they all have great reviews!

Let me tell you why you need a new mud mask in your life!

Elier High Organic Moor Mask


elevacity skincare reviews

The Elier High Organic Moor Mask is meant to shrink pores, exfoliate skin, and reverse signs of aging. It replenishes and infuses the skin to lessen the appearance of crows feet, lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Elier Mud Mask Ingredients

The Elier Mud Mask is rich in essential minerals and nutrients, potent anti-oxidants and uses some of the highest organic content in the world! It leaves your skin radiant, hydrated and fresh!

The ingredients are literally 3 things: Aqua, Peloid and Sodium Chloride. The mask is 90% mud which naturally has a content high in water, hence the first ingredient being water. The mud is from the Baltic region and taken from 10 million year old caves, with the remaining 10% of ingredients being the minerals essential for healthy skin.

No preservatives, nothing toxic, no pesticides, 100% Organic!

You can use the mask up to 3 times a week and it can be used on face, body, and hair!

My Personal Experience with Elier Mud Mask

I went over to my sisters house because she is always trying new skincare, just like me (and she’s 46 and her skin looks amazing!) Before I came over, I asked her if she had any cool masks that I needed to try.

My skin was CRAVING a mud mask. I had just felt lately that my skin needed a good detox and an infusion of youthfulness!

She said she had an awesome new mud mask that differed from the usual mud mask, one that detoxified AND helped with wrinkles!  I thought to myself, if it’s not thick, muddy, and heavy on my skin, then it’s not going to suit my skins cravings!

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to try something new!

So the mask came in a small, square packet, in a box with 10 masks. On the outside of the box, it gives directions on how best to use the mask.

elevacity skincare reviews


I followed instructions the best way I thought to, and kneaded it gently. Then, I filled a bowl with warm water and placed the packet in the water, flipping the packet occasionally until the water cooled down naturally, and then I kneaded it a bit more to mix it up.

The packaging made me feel confident in trying the mask because it was 100% organic and paraben free. Toxic free skincare is important to me, and if you’re skin is sensitive, you can try it too! It’s very gentle and doesn’t strip or dry out the skin.

Mud Mask Application

When I put it on, it felt a little thinner than most heavy mud masks, and I could smell the minerals. You can definitely sense the organic nature of the compounds.

It has an exfoliating feel to it, it reminded me of coffee grinds, except much finer and not as coarse. The directions say to exfoliate and massage into the skin for one minute. I left it on for the full 15 minutes and it fully dried.

I removed the mask with a warm washcloth and noticed an immediate difference of tightening and pores appearing smaller.

Elevacity skincare reviews


The picture above was right after the mask. My skin felt fresh, youthful, smooth and supple! Not dried out like a desert like some mud masks.  A great thing as well about the 10 packets is that it’s super inexpensive! Only $25!

After I fell in love with the mask, I figured I’d try other Elevacity skincare products as well!

I enjoyed the Elier mask so much that my sister and I have continued to use it together and it’s always a fun time!

Learn more about the Elier Organic Mud Mask here

elevacity skincare

Timeless Instant Eye and Face Lift Cream

This is another product from Elevacity Skincare that I liked and had immediate results. It comes in a small tube like bottle with a pump applicator, which I love since it keeps out bacteria..

It’s for the entire face but is great for targeting problem areas, like crows feet and laugh lines. It also promotes elasticity in the skin for future results and is great for both men and women!

Elevacity Skincare reviews

Timeless Instant Eye and Face Lift Cream Ingredients

The Timeless Instant Eye and Face Lift Cream contains all natural ingredients, the most potent being the main ingredient, Nannochloropsis Oculata, which is a purified algae extract beneficial to skin and high in vitamins C and B12.

Visit the website to see the full list of ingredients

How Timeless Instant Eye and Face Lift Cream worked for me

First I gently shook the bottle. When I first went to pump the bottle for some serum, it came out pretty quickly, so you only need to pump a little bit at a time, a little goes a long way, and it has a great effect.

The first place I wanted to place this tightening serum was around my crows feet area. I massaged it into several areas and I could feel the serum tightening my skin IMMEDIATELY! 

I used it to target areas of the face. In each area, it had a tightening effect and was definitely a product that I want to keep in my kit, for myself, and for clients. One bottle runs $44

If you’re taking pictures or you’re going to an event, I HIGHLY recommend using the mask first, and then using the Timeless Instant Eye and Face Lift cream as a quick fix to tired, dull skin! Apply before your routine serum and moisturizer, or apply the Elier Activlift Serum on top for an extra boost of moisture!

Elier Activlift Serum

I tried the Activlift Serum as a third step in the Elevacity skincare system and it works perfectly over the Timeless.

Timeless for tightening, and Elier Activlift Serum for moisture!  This product is suitable for both men and women and work very well in combination.

Elevacity skincare

Elier Activlift Serum Ingredients

The Activlift has Peloid Complex, Ginseng Extract, and Vitamin B3

My Experience using Elier Activlift Serum

I decided to apply the Elier Serum after the Peloid Complex Elier Mud Mask and Timeless Serum. I found that it was the best way. The Activlift Serum has as silky, hydrating feel and look to it. When you pump the serum out, it has a sparkle to it as well, looking very attractive under your makeup.

Overall, I really liked using all the products together as a system! The price is reasonable so it’s easy to replenish and get the best results.

Elevate Smart Coffee

Elevacity Smart Coffee review

I had to at least mention the coffee here, because this is Elevacity’s biggest seller!

Elevate Brew Smart Coffee is a super easy instant coffee supplement that comes in convenient individual sticks. It’s a weight management product that people are raving about.

Customers call it HAPPY COFFEE! This is the company’s shining star! This is what the Elevacity company is ultimately known for! It’s nootropic infused, and is mood enhancing! I can’t tell you how many times I wish I’d had this supplement in my purse!

The best combination for weight loss is called “the D.O.S.E.” It’s a nootropics stack that just requires you to drink coffee, take a pill and watch yourself lose weight! Some people just mix with hot water, some mix with their coffee, and you can also put it in any smoothie! Coffee is EASY!

Smart Coffee Benefits

It’s specifically a weight loss product but also

  • increases energy
  • enhances clarity
  • boosts memory (NEED)
  • curbs cravings
  • elevates mood

What are Nootropics?

I didn’t know what they were until I was introduced to this stack. They stimulate the opiods in your brain and have a similar effect as how you feel when you’re with your loved one!


Xanthomax reviews

Xanthomax is a powerful extract derived from xanthohumal (the hops plant) and packed into a pill form. Xanthohumal is one of the strongest anti-oxidants in the world and also aids in weight loss and creates a nice balance between the brain and the gut.

Overall people seem to love the combination of the Smart Coffee and Xanthomax.

What should you order and how much is it?

I recommend getting the D.O.S.E. combination for $99. If you signup for their MAP monthly subscription, it’s only $80 a month. Stay happy and healthy and feel good all day! Yay!

If you want to get the smart coffee bag in individual servings separate by its self it’s $60.  The tub is $50 and the xanthomax supplements are $65. Obviously the combo is a better deal!

How do I order Elevacity Products?

Order online on the Elevacity website

You’ll have your order through priority mail in 5-7 business days.

Overall, Elevacity Skincare products, and their simple weight loss products, I really like and will continue to use. They aren’t overpriced and they produce results!

Elier Skincare Review

July 28, 2018

elevacity skincare