4 in One Foundation

Have you ever heard of Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics? I hadn’t before a friend of mine, Daniel, that I worked at MAC cosmetics with in Palm Beach Gardens, told me about her. She is a celebrity makeup artist that has her own line of makeup. I got hooked on the Jennifer Bradley Foundation and I’m here to tell you about it.

I had moved from Palm Beach Gardens to the Sarasota area, and he was working for her doing makeup lessons with her products. He said she was looking for another artist so it got me the job! We used the lesson plan that we had learned from MAC training but used the Jennifer Bradley products.

Makeup Lessons

I hadn’t used that lesson plan in a long time but I loved using it again! We would do a clients one side of the face, and then give them the brushes and help them along with the other side of the face.

If you are looking for makeup lessons in the Palm Beach area, contact me!

There were several products that I loved, but my favorite was theĀ 4 in one Camera Ready Foundation. I love when someone is as excited as I am when I apply products, and that’s always what would happen!

Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation

The Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation is now my GO TO for almost every client AND myself! It comes in a flat, circular twist off top package. It packs a lot of foundation in there!

The foundation has a creamy, thicker consistency. It’s not wet and thin like a lot of other long wear foundations. The 4 in One comes in shades 1-14, 1 being the lightest. I use it for weddings, photo shoots, production jobs, and more!


Good stuff:

  • long wear
  • oil free
  • flawless finish
  • SPF protection
  • improves skins texture
  • radiant glow
  • redness removed immediately

It’s All About the Application

Here are some things to consider:

  • skin type
  • coverage needed
  • skin color
  • dewy or matte
  • skincare prior to application

I recommend her Time Freeze Serum and the Clearly Younger Skin w/ RetinolĀ to prime the skin.

When I apply the Jennifer Bradley 4 in One Foundation on myself, I generally use a duo fiber brush. It’s goes on the skin like butter! You can also use a beauty blender or regular foundation brush.

Depending on how much coverage I want, I’ll pat the brush in the foundation twice (pat not swipe), and start applying it on my skin in circular motions.

Most of the time, my brush goes back in about 1 or 2 times continuing the same application. I apply whatever concealer I end up using that day, depending on where my skin color is at, and set my foundation with a pressed or loose powder.

It depends on what look I’m going for! You can even combine the foundation with a product like strobe cream and mix them together before you apply if you want even more glow.

Recommendations on Picking Your Shade

When it comes to foundation that you know you love, get it in 2 shades. For example, 4 and 6. 4 in the winter, and 6 in the summer. That way, throughout the year, you can mix it up depending on your skin tone at the time. And YES, THIS FOUNDATION LASTS!

I’ve never used another foundation on myself and my clients as much as I’ve used this product. It’s that good!

It’s created by a professional makeup artist that knows what kind of makeup you need to be camera ready! Retails at $53.00

  • If you can’t figure out the shade that you should be wearing, on the website, Jennifer Bradley will help match you! She offers her phone number and Facebook with instructions on the best way for her to match you!

Let me know how much you love the product!









Jennifer Bradley

July 28, 2018