Will I need to a touchup kit on my wedding day?

It’s so important for your photos that your look continues throughout the day. Be prepared as best as you can to make every photo perfection. You will need a touch-up kit for the big day!

It’s going to be a long day but it goes by super fast! If you aren’t having your artist staying, have a couple things with you for emergencies! 

When I do a trial with my brides, I always discuss the touch-up kit.

If you don’t have a trial before the wedding, READ THIS:

As a makeup artist and hairstylist, my role is to make your hair and makeup last all day! However, it is best if you take some items with you if you plan on eating, drinking, and kissing your husband!

With makeup, lips are the most important in the touch-up kit.

  1. Lipliner you LOVE or decided on in your makeup trial. You can’t go wrong with MAC. I like the original lipliner, not the pro longwear. My advice is to get colors that you like, and bring them to the makeup artist on the wedding day to apply. That way, youre able to touch-up yourself. Colors that I end up using often are Boldly Bare and Whirl.
  2. Velvetine (or matte) long wear lip color. Usually these don’t move, but it doesn’t hurt to have it! My favorite brand at the moment is Lime Crime. They have a couple velvetines that I LOVE. Marshmallow and Fling.  It is on the pricier side. If you don’t want to spend much, NYX has a soft velvetine that you can get at the drugstore.
  3. Lip gloss color *TIP* If you don’t want to get gloss on your husband, bring something that hydrates the lips like chapstick. A brand that I like that’s moisturizing and not sticky, is Image Skincare Ormedic balancing lip enhancement complex. 

Other Makeup Touchup Kit Must Haves

  1. Setting Spray- What’s that spray that your makeup artist uses at the end of your makeover? There are a couple that I really like! MAC FIX+This setting spray has a little more hydration to it. It really does well with the “dewy” style of makeup. There’s also a setting spray from Urban Decay. All Nighter De-Slick setting spray. Really great for oily skin. The Urban Decay setting sprays come in a reasonably small container, so it’s easy to put in a small bag. The MAC FIX+ also comes in a mini-size.
  2. Another product I tell brides to take with them is oil blotting sheets. If you know you can’t help getting oily or sweating a bit, you know you need oil blotting sheets! Share with the groom!

Just tap lightly is the areas that produce the most oil, forehead, nose, and chin.

Small Hair Kit

When it comes to hair, its completely necessary to add these items to your touch up kit.

  1. Bobby Pins- Find out which ones your hairstylist is using. DIANA is my favorite brand.
  2. Mini Travel size Hairspray- If you’re getting married on the beach you never know how windy it may end up being. Fekkai has a great mini hairspray I use.
  3. Small comb or mini Wet Brush-If the wind is blowing or you get really sweaty, you may need a comb to brush out tangles and make the hair even again. Hopefully that doesn’t happen! But never a bad thing to be prepared.

Also- have a couple safety pins and needle and thread is a good idea for your touchup kit…you just never know! I’ve had one of my makeup artists pull out a needle and thread and sew a bridesmaids busted zipper back up!

Where do I put all of this?

Have your maid of honor hold the little touchup kit for you! The little cosmetic bags you get at places like ULTA or SEPHORA are perfect. Boom! Easy!


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